UK based renewable energy consultants

in wind, wave and tidal power

and publishers of the Value of ROCs Model.

Redfield Consulting has been helping clients in the renewables and carbon capture and storage (CCS) sectors since 2001.

Our core business as renewable energy consultants is to provide advice to renewable and CCS businesses, including provision of the value of ROCs Model. We are active across the spectrum of zero carbon technologies, currently focussing on wind, wave, tidal and carbon capture and storage.

Redfield has a team of renewable energy consultants with experience in conventional and renewable energy and investment banking. Its clients are companies in the renewable, carbon capture and storage (CCS) and conventional energy sectors as well as Governmental departments and non-Governmental organisations.

Redfield also publishes the Red Book, the Value of ROCs Model and the Redfield Marine Renewables Report.

More than just wind...